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Actions Covid-19
Kinta Kan Cozumel

Your safety is the most important thing for us, so we offer you some of the measures we are taking to reinforce the wellbeing of our guests during their stay in the hotel:

-    Disinfectant mats at the entrances to the hotel to prevent the entry and spread of contaminating agents.
-    Availability of hand-washing stations and anti-bacterial gel dispensers in all main common areas of the hotel, including reception, for the use of guests.
-    Temperature measurement of all guests upon first entry to the hotel, as well as daily and constant monitoring of hotel staff.
-    Availability of luggage disinfectant spray for all our guests.
-    Thorough cleaning of hotel surfaces and furnishings.
-    Daily disinfection and meticulous cleaning of all hotel rooms.
-    Sanitisation of all facilities by certified companies in accordance with the protocols established by the competent local authorities.
-    All rooms are equipped with individual air-conditioning units to prevent the spread of the virus.
-    Mandatory use of mouth covers and protective equipment for all hotel staff.


Due to new regulations issued by various countries, in case you need to schedule an appointment for a PCR or antigen test before travelling, or if you have any concerns regarding this issue, please do not hesitate to contact us as our team is ready to guide you.

Some of the laboratories that can carry out tests for virus detection, endorsed by the Ministry of Health of the State of Quintana Roo, are:

Cozumel International Hospital
Teléfono: 9878721430
Sitio web:

Hospital Amerimed
Teléfono: 9988813400
Sitio web:

Teléfono: 9985610309
Sitio web: 19/agenda-tu-cita-pruebas-covid-19